Imran Khan's first reel kiss in Delhi Belly

Bollywood's on-screen good boy Imran Khan has got a makeover of the naughty kind in Aamir Khan Productions' upcoming film, Delhi Belly. We hear Imran plays a character that resembles the underbelly of the city – he drinks, two-times and enjoys adult flicks.

Not surprising then that Imran shares a kiss with co-star Poorna Jagannathan in the film. We hear there's even a shocking lovemaking scene!

A potent warning comes from producer Aamir Khan who writes this on his blog – “ Aamir Khan Productions is known for its inspiring, clean, family entertainment. All that is about to change! Delhi Belly has the potential of, in a single stroke, destroying all the goodwill we have built in the last ten years.”

We are waiting for this one!


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