Mallika Movie Review


MallikaStarring: Introducing Sheena Nayyar, Sameer Dattani, Himanshu Malik, Suresh Menon and Mamik

Director: Wilson Louis

Rating: *1/2

Mallika is a technically well shot film with a very pathetic and clich├ęd screenplay. It tends to get so unintentionally hilarious at times that you forget you are watching a supposedly horror film.

Sanjana (Sheena Nayyar) is troubled by deadly nightmares every night. She sees a murder happening of the girl who stayed in the same apartment.

Frustrated by her daily night torture she decides to go out of town for a break. She goes to Rajasthan to a fort resort. She meets Saahil (Sameer Dattani) who too has come for a work cum pleasure trip at the same resort. But unfortunately for her, if she goes away from one trouble, a much bigger one awaits her.

She starts seeing the spirit of a lady resembling her. The resort caretaker’s (Himanshu) wife and a resort guest get brutally murdered. Strange things start happening in the resort and there is no escape for its guests.

Who is behind all this? What connection does Sanjana have with the spirit forms the rest part of the film.

Louis is a horror expert what with having only directed horror flicks so far. But sadly, his scriptwriter has let him down. All his superb technical expertise and special effects goes waste because of the poor script.

The comedy track by Suresh Menon is pathetic. One also wonders why have the makers put in so many bathing scenes in the film! But Louis should be credited for managing to give a good scare in a couple of scenes. The camerawork is excellent as well and the dark night scenes have been superbly lit up.

The editing is also good. The sound is too loud. The music doesn’t impress but the picturisation of the yesteryears number Woh Bhooli Dastan is excellent.

Sheena tries hard and manages to deliver a good performance. It could have been more impressive had she not been made to expose her body in practically every scene of hers. Sameer Dattani is just unbearable. Himanshu Malik hardly gets any scope. Suresh Menon is the most irritating factor of the film. Mamik in a special appearance is good.

Mallika offers nothing new apart and is a let down. Watch it if you want to have a good laugh over its silly screenplay or else skip it!


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